Hiring Exceptional Leaders – Defining Chemistry

Executive recruiters hear from clients nearly every day, “We chose the candidate because we felt he had the right chemistry”.  While this sounds good, how do you define chemistry? Our clients seem to know instinctively when the right candidate is interviewed and usually assigns the description to “chemistry” or “fit”. Is chemistry that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling […]

Assessing an Executive’s Ability to Make Good Decisions

CEOs have all the answers, right? Of course not.  They simply cannot know everything that is happening in the company, in the industry, and with their Board of Directors. They must build a team they trust to fill in the gaps. Great CEOs operate with  integrity. People will tell you how great they are to work […]

Indentifying Fit in Leadership Candidates

Identifying “Fit” in Leadership Candidates

“Fit” is a small word that can mean everything to the success of a company, or a division of a company.” Of course, candidates need to have skills and capacity to execute, as well, but “Fit” matters. “Fit” can be nebulous and sometimes is mistaken for chemistry. Chemistry is one facet of the whole “Fit” […]

Building Cohesive Teams: 3 Steps to Calibrating Talent for Fit

“Our job is to know the universe of talent in the C suite.” When I was in elementary school, I was frustrated working on teams selected by a numbering system. Some people understood the project goals and got to work.  Others focused their effort on destroying what we built or picking fights.  Some simply goofed […]

Calibrating Leadership Teams

Cohesive Leadership Teams: Calibrating For The Best

How do you know you are hiring the very best? Each company is unique: goals, business challenges, culture, leadership style, vocabulary, even the technology. You can create a position description containing minimum requirements to filter candidates. Even then, most top performers will be engaged in a role, performing well and have significant incentives to remain in […]

4 Tips To Ensure You Come Across As A Credible Leader

Here are 4 tips to ensure you come across as a credible leader by Guest Blogger, Cindy Steiner 1) Don’t micro manage: Hire well and trust your judgment that they’ll do a great job. It’s insulting and demeaning to micro   manage your people.   2) Tell ‘em why: Don’t just tell people to do something […]

Do I hire a first time executive or a seasoned professional ???

Do I hire a First Time CEO or a Seasoned Professional CEO? Often, I get asked this by Boards of Directors, and my answer is always: it depends.  This decision is dependent on the business hurdles you want to conquer, and what stage your company is at.  Are you on a public exchange? Are you […]

Avoid These 5 Common Hiring Mistakes to Select Exceptional Talent

Decision making mistakes to avoid when hiring executive talent: 1. Not performing thorough recent references – need at least 2 from supervisors, 2 from peers and 2 from subordinates. Recent is very important – as it will tell you volumes about the person you are hiring. 2. Not letting the board evaluate your finalist candidates. […]